Featured at The Family Groove!

I’m honored to have been been featured as a “Mom on the Street” today at http://www.thefamilygroove.com/may09_MomStreet.htm MOM ON THE STREET MOM-TO-MOM ADVICE ON LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF YOUR OWN GROOVE Welcome to our latest monthly column, “Mom on the Street” (ya know, like “Man on the Street”). Each month, we’ll be asking moms just like you for a slice of their sage advice, insider tips or tried-and-true wisdom in the hopes that their unique brand of mothering inspires, {Read More}

New Themes! “Project Funway” Birthay Parties for Girls Hits the Scene…

Introducing “Project Funway,”  where girls “compete” to design the most fab outfit.  Ages 8-13 will flip for this super high-fashion extravaganza girl’s birthday party event!  Modeled after the popular TV series, Project Runway, each “team” will be given glamorous fabrics and accessories and will create their own red carpet worthy getup! Princess Sharon and her assistants will be the judges but everyone comes out a winner. A girl’s birthday or event should be memorable and this one will take the {Read More}