New Costumes!

So FINALLY I have some of my gorgeous girl’s princess gowns up in my store! Amongst other beautiful frocks is my absolute fave…the light blue “sparkle” gown which, to me, looks like one giant yummy cupcake! I have been waiting for my site to be completed before I was able to load in all of my gowns up.  People ask me all the time where I get my gowns and how THEY can have them.  Well they are here!  Every {Read More}

My First Princess Blogg!

Well, this is a first! I’m a blogger!! I’m a blogging princess…Princess Sharon, the Blogger!  I am very very excited to be able to launch my new website- and to join the world of blogging. Thanks to my two wonderful designers: Rehbecca at for her fab illustrations, graphics, and design, and to Carissa at for her way cool site design (and many cool graphics too!) Give this is my first blogg, I wasn’t quite sure what to {Read More}