My First Princess Blogg!

Well, this is a first! I’m a blogger!! I’m a blogging princess…Princess Sharon, the Blogger!  I am very very excited to be able to launch my new website- and to join the world of blogging.

Thanks to my two wonderful designers: Rehbecca at for her fab illustrations, graphics, and design, and to Carissa at for her way cool site design (and many cool graphics too!)

Give this is my first blogg, I wasn’t quite sure what to write.  I though my very first post could be a post of gratitude and thankfulness for my wonderful site and for a job that I absolutely LOVE!!I really could not have imagined in my wildest dreams having the job that I have now. I’ll be back to talk about my latest parties, new items in my boutique, scrumptious goodies, and lots of stories!

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