Christmas Ladies Night! {Frosty style…}

This totally whimsical ladies Christmas party was SO. MUCH. FUN!! They call themselves the “Biddies” so we named this yearly frosty themed fiasco the “Biddy Bash.”  We had a hot {spiked!} cocoa bar, mini top hats, custom shirts printed, pashmina scarves for all, custom cookies, designer cakes and cupcakes, all kinds of crazines!!  We ALSO had an ALL WHITE BLIZZARD room!!! Yes, there were PILES of glistening snow.. faux snow!  Candles everywhere.. you felt like you were in the middle of a frosty storm, but warm and cozy inside!!  I also did a musical performance with the awesome Jim Armstrong {thanks Jim!} and the ladies had a ball!  CLICK HERE to see all of the fabulous Frosty the Snowman details! Enjoy!!


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