10 Simple Tips for Styling a Candy Buffet (Featuring Candy.com & Melville Candy Company)

We are SUPER honored to have just done the 300 pound candy buffet for Joe  & Jen Melville, owner of Candy.com and also Melville Candy Company.  CONGRATS to the happy couple 🙂 It was SO. MUCH. FUN!! Check out pics!! Hope you love them and enjoy picking up some tips and tricks to make your very own FABULOUS buffet! Take a look in our partyfolio to see some other candy buffet ideas as well.

Here are ten  SUPER EASY TIPS to remember when styling your own buffet:

1. Always consider COLOR (candy.com has a great selection of colors and you can even search BY COLOR! 🙂 Think in “threes” (pick three colors to keep it simple. I love one of them to be silver or gold!)

2. Think “back to front” (high to low) and use risers in the back to really make a statement! Littler jars and trays up front. People can reach better that way too. Consider leaving room BEHIND the buffet too!

3.  Rule of thumb – A “big” candy jar (you know what that is.. those big tall jars you find at Home Goods!) will hold about 10 pounds of candy. A “medium” jar will hold 5 pounds, and smaller (think football size) jar will hold about half that.

4.  When deciding how much candy, you really can’t go by “per person”/pounds/ounces. You have to go by esthetics.  ALWAYS BUY MORE 🙂

5.  BRING THE BLING! (just my opinion, but sparkle and shine always look FIIIINE!

6.  Make your own tiers, I did! Candle stix from Michaels and glass jars on top! E6000 to glue them together. Leave overnight! Also try Christmas Tree Shops plates and cheap candlestix! E6000 glue and voila! Simple, white plates or other colors are ok too but don’t forget your buffet colors! Stay with those even on your risers and tiers. Remember to glue in a well ventilated area or you’ll feel like you’re at Disney land…unless you enjoy that..nevermind. Ok, that was more than one tip there… lol.

7.  Layer candy colors in a jar. It looks pretty with jelly beans and chocolate gems! Jordan almonds look awesome layered!

8.  Consider the backdrop/background… hanging pompoms are always cute.. Mix them with paper fans (partycity.com!) and you have the cutest background

9. Seriously.. color, color, color. If even the candy WRAPPER has a little color in it that’s NOT in your buffet, kick it to the curb! Nobody would have liked “just a little red” on this candy buffet you see below, right? Right. Stick to your color scheme. Trust me.

10. Have FUN and brush your teeth! I’m not a big candy eater myself 🙂 but I do love the colors and design and the bling!

Candy.com | Mellville Candy Company Candy Buffet

Candy.com | Mellville Candy Company
Candy Buffet by ™Princess Sharon Events

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